Varaha Avatar: Lord Vishnu.

ॐ नमो भगवते वराहरूपाय भूर्भुवः स्वः पतये भूपतित्वं मे देहि द दापय स्वाहा।।

Varaha, (Sanskrit: “Boar”) third of the 10 incarnations (avatars) of the Hindu god Vishnu. When a demon named Hiranyaksha dragged the earth to the bottom of the sea, Vishnu took the form of a boar in order to rescue it. They fought for a thousand years.Hiranyaksha grew very powerful and complacent. He started misusing his powers and wanted to rule the world. He caused massive devastation and even stole Mother Earth (Bhuma Devi) and hid her under the cosmic ocean. Therefore to save the Earth, Lord Vishnu appeared as a Varaha (wild boar). He lifted the Earth with his tusks after eliminating Hiranyaksha. Thus, by taking the form of a boar, Lord Vishnu showed how gradually evolution took place. First was Matsya (an underwater being), then came tortoise, an amphibian, followed by Varaha, a land animal.Hiranyaksha saw a giant Varaha lifting the earth on the teeth. The demon attacked Varaha God with his mace. After a fight, Lord Vishnu cut the demon in half with his Sudarshan Chakra. After this, Lord Varaha freed the three worlds by bringing the earth out of the abyss as before and setting it again on the Sheshnag.Varaha Jayanti is marked to celebrate the birth of Vishnu. It is believed that Lord Varaha bestows immense riches and good health on those who worship him.

In Indian mythology, the boar is once again seen as the symbol of life and fertility but also as a saviour. Brahmin Vishnu saved the earth in the form of a wild boar. Varaha represents yajna (sacrifice), as the eternal upholder of the earth. Varaha is the embodiment of the Supreme Being who brings order amidst chaos in the world by ritual sacrifice.Within Hindu culture, the boar takes a more positively aggressive aura. Symbolism linked with the wild boar is incorporated into several key stories associated with rebirth, creation, and protection. The creator Prajapati transformed into a boar and spread out the earth, which became known as the goddess Prthivi.

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Kurma Avatar: Lord Vishnu.

ॐ आं ह्रीं क्रों कूर्मासनाय नम: ।। ।। ॐ ह्रीं कूर्माय वास्तु पुरुषाय स्वाहा ।।

Kurma, the second avatar of Vishnu, is depicted in the water holding up Mount Mandāra, chosen as a churning rod upon which Vishnu himself is seated. The snake Vāsuki, coiled around it, serves as a rope which is being pulled on the left by the gods Brahmā, Vishnu and Shiva, and on the right by three demons.Lord Vishnu had pledged that he would appear every time someone threatens the existence of humanity. He had vowed that he would take an avatar on earth to restore Dharma by uprooting Adharma. For the uninitiated, the Devas symbolised Dharma while the Danavas represented Adharma. In one of the battles that took place after Daitya Guru Shukracharya was blessed with the Sanjeevani Mantra, the Daityas (Danavas) defeated the Devas. The victory of the Danavas meant the decline of goodness and peace. Moreover, Lord Vishnu knew that if the Danavas became immortal, then they would overpower the Devas and also cause massive damage to the human race.

Therefore, to save humankind from the Danavas, Lord Vishnu took the avatar of a Kurma. And by doing so, he played a pivotal role in the Samudra Mathan.

Since the Danavas had defeated the Devas in the battle, there arose a need to empower the latter. Therefore, Lord Vishnu suggested Samudra Manthan for extracting the divine nectar (Amrit) that could make the Devas immortal. However, the Devas alone wouldn’t have been able to perform the massive task. Hence, Vishnu advised Indra, the King of the Devas to take help from Kalketu, the King of the Danavas.

Interestingly, Vishnu had also hatched a plan to prevent the Devas from consuming the Amrit. Subsequently, to churn the ocean (Samudra), Mandara Mountain was cut from its base and installed in the sea as the churning rod. And Vasuki, the King of Snakes, became the churning rope.But, since the base of the mountain couldn’t reach the seabed owing to the surging movement of the waves, Lord Vishnu decided to make his presence felt in the form of a Kurma.

Lord Vishnu took the form of a Kurma and went deep inside the sea to carry the Mandara mountain on his back. Thus, by enduring the weight on his back, Lord Vishnu ensured that the churning of the ocean takes place without any hurdles. And by helping the Devas in the endeavour to obtain the Amrit, Lord Vishnu saved the human race.

The tortoise represents stability and longevity and is likened to a sage because it can withdraw into its shell and meditate. Vastu believes that tortoise attracts harmony, money peace and long life in a home. The figure of a tortoise should always face East and should be kept in sufficient water to soak the feet.

Heya viewers!! Here’s the another blog on the series. The second avatar , The Kurma Avatar. Proofs of the theory of evolution in a series of ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, adapting himself with the situation and destroying the evil from the earth. This is how our vedas acquires the highest position in every field with high spirituality and facts. Hope you all are learning the history of our ancient land with each day passing 🕉️❤️

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Matsya Avatar: Lord Vishnu.

ॐ मत्स्याय मनुपालकाय नमः॥

Matsya, (Sanskrit: “Fish”) one of the 10 avatars (incarnations) of the Hindu god Vishnu. In this appearance Vishnu saved the world from a great flood. Manu, the first man, caught a little fish that grew to giant size. When the flood approached, Manu saved himself by tying his boat to the horn on the fish’s head.
Lord Vishnu’s first avatar was set in the Satya Yuga, where he incarnated as Matsya Avatar – a half-human and a half-fish avatar with four arms. There are several versions of this story in Puranas, but the most prominent one was written in Bhagavata Purana.
Vishnu knew about Shiva’s plan to cause massive floods. Therefore, he incarnated in the form of Matsya (a fish). Moreover, he had to save Manu and his wife Shatarupa, the couple that would be instrumental in conceiving humans once again.

Matsya (Fish in Sanskrit) was the first Avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism. The great flood finds mention in Hindu mythology texts like the Satapatha Brahmana , where in the Matsya Avatar takes place to save the pious and the first man, Manu and advices him to build a giant boat. Lord Matsya is generally represented as a four-armed figure with the upper torso of a man and the lower of a fish.

It is said that, during the Satya Yuga, the people on earth had become irreligious and disorderly in the way they lived their lives. This is when the Gods collectively decided to flood the earth and prepare it for the process of renovation. Lord Brahma, the creator, had been given the guidelines to remodel the earth by Lord Vishnu. These guidelines were the Vedas, the four principle books of Hinduism. Lord Brahma decided to rest before this grand task as he was quite’ tired from the process of creation.At this time, a horse-headed demon named Hayagriva ( not t be confused with Lord Hayagriva, the avatar of Vishnu who is considered as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge) came out of Brahma’s nose and stole the Vedas from him. Then Hayagriva went and hid himself deep in the oceans of the earth. Meanwhile, a pious king named Satyavrata who was a great admirer of Lord Vishnu, regularly worshipped Lord Vishnu and wished to meet Him. So Lord Vishnu decided to pay a visit to Manu.

In the Matsya avatara, He gave to Brahma, Vedic knowledge that he had lost. Hence, He is vachaspatih — the Lord of speech. He is udaradhI, because His jnana fills people with awe. He is agrani, because He leads people to moksha.

Hey Viewers! I am here with a new series of knowledge about the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, helping you to know our Hindu gods more in context to spirituality. Talking about the scientific ground it simply explains the theory of evolution which is said to be given by the father of evolution Charles Darwin. Here is a series of ten avatar of Lord Avatars which explains the presence of the same theory of evolution way back in our Vedas which was demonstrated by the Lord in Satya Yuga.

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Pi(π) and Aryabhata.

There’s nothing fixed. Accept the approximation, as it is universally accepted .

Aryabhatiya’ is a compendium of mathematics and astronomy, which has survived till modern times. Studying the ‘Aryabhatiya’ shows beyond doubt that Aryabhata had indeed discovered and worked on concept of pi long before the Western world was even aware of its existence.

The Aryabhatiya, written in Sanskrit consists of 108 verses divided into 4 padas or chapters. The second pada called the Ganitapada (Ganita = mathematics) bears a reference to the concept (and approximate value) of pi.
In Ganitapada 10, Aryabhata says~
“caturadhikam śatamaṣṭaguṇam dvāṣaṣṭistathā sahasrāṇām
ayutadvayaviṣkambhasyāsanno vṛttapariṇāhaḥ”

Translated into English, this verse means: “Add four to 100, multiply by eight, and then add 62,000. By this rule the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 20,000 can be approached.
In other words, what Aryabhata said was that circumference of a circle with a diameter of 20000 is (4+100) x8 +62000= 62832. And we know that the value of pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter, so in this case 62832/20000, which is incredibly 3.1416. This is the value of pi accurate to five figures.

So we can definitely infer the following from the above verse and subsequent calculations:
a. Aryabhata knew that he was talking about a mathematical constant, because he uses the term rule, indicating the value remains the same, even when the numbers change. And we know the ratio of the circumference of any circle (whatever its size) to its diameter is always the same – pi.
b. He uses the term ‘approached’, indicating that the value is not exact, but rather an approximation. This could well have been very first reference to the irrational nature of pi. Modern world in fact discovered that pi was irrational when proved so by Lambert in Europe as late as 1761.
There is no explanation in the Aryabhatiya as to how Aryabhata arrived at these values.
The fact remains that Aryabhata had indeed discovered pi.




The Rashmi Theory: The Vibration.

It’s the beginning, here’s a short description about what it is and how it is

If somehow you can break apart matter further, You will find different type of stages of matter. Initially you will find matter in molecular form. Later you will see atomic state where matter exist in form of atoms only. Further if go on, the same matter exist in electron, proton and neutron. After that we find quark and if we go further, we will also find such a state where particle form doesn’t exist. Here matter only exist as Vibration as vibrating entity.For vibration there must be a medium. So if we go further, we will find that medium which is responsible for these very subtle vibrations. After that we also find more subtle state of matter. If we go more further we find “Akash Tatva” and after that “Manastatva”. After “Manastatva” , we find another subtle medium “Ahankar Tatva”. Hence our journey into the matter ends in final state of matter called “Prakriti”.The initial state of our universe exist in form of “Prakriti”. That means initially the whole universe was spreaded in infinite vacuum space in its fundamental form of Prakriti. That momment temperature was absolute zero, Infinite darkness were there. Both mass and energy were zero in the infinite “vacuum space”. There was no force, means zero force existed everywhere. Both known and unknown forces doesn’t exist at that moment. There was no motion, even infinitesimal motion doesn’t exist, universe is in complete rest state. There was no sound and that moment “kaal means time” was in its latent state.The initial state was such a state that feels like nothingness. Just imagine the state of nothingness such was the initial state of universe.BUT… in reality.. there was something. I mean our universe was not “zero” instead it only seems to be zero or nothingness. Because the basic fundamental properties of fundamental matter were in sleeping mode at that moment, it called as “Sushupti” state.If you can see the end of universe; you will feel that universe swallowed itself , so that is the initial state of universe , to which you can imagine like nothingness, BUT It is not “nothingness”.

The Beginning 🕉️

In the view of Greatest Vedic Scientist Mahadev Shiva, Maharshi Bramha and Bhagvan Manu termed this state as “Avyakt” means cannot be known completely.Because is such state the fundamental properties are in sleeping mode.

One cannot do special argument on this natural state. Now, from this state how universe came into existence in such a state Vedic Rashmi Theory states god is necessary. Omniscient god who is everywhere; breaks the equilibrium state of this prakriti state.

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It’s our history. Its our matter of pride🇮🇳🕉️

Rani Padmini (Padmavati)

Padmini, also known as Padmavati, was a 13th–14th century Rani (queen) of the Mewar kingdom of present-day India. Several medieval texts mention her, although this versions are disparate and many modern historians question the extent of overall authenticity.

Rajputs’ strong sense of honour made Padmavati take the drastic step of self-immolation, so that the victory of Alauddin Khilji, the powerful ruler of the Khilji dynasty of Delhi Sultanate, would have been a hollow one, for there would be no royal women left for him and his army to enslave.

‘Jauhar’, historically, Indian rite of collective self-immolation, performed by the women, young children, and other dependants of a besieged fort or town when it was felt that holding out against the enemy was no longer possible and that death appeared the only honourable way out of the impasse!

The fabled and now controversial Rani Padmavati, the woman who protected the honour of the Rajputs after the siege of Chittor in 1303, did so by committing jauhar – or jumping into a pit of fire to avoid being raped and captured by the invading army.





‘She’ In Her Dignified ‘Red’.

She looks perfect in ‘Red’. She looks gorgeous even with ‘Red’ stains. ‘Red’ : Her Dignity 📍

Her’s Dignity 📍

Red’ the symbol of love. ‘Red’ the pride of a married woman. ‘Red’ the dignified symbol of ‘Her’.

Born fighter 📍

She wasn’t even born, when she was in her mother’s baby bump it all started there. She cried for the very first moment leaving a blissful smile to every heart. She cried and it went to a pause the very fine moment. She was welcomed with full enthusiasm and indifference in a world full of indefinable terms and conditions. She was so simple and adorable, but was unknowingly preparing herself for an unsung tabboo of this contemporary world. No one ever knew the pain and about the shame she felt for a natural phenomena that is considered an embracing tabboo even the day today in various remote as well as cities of my country. Talking about which is like revealing your secrets everywhere and sharing your pain for an empty bowl of nothing. She was an assemble of innocence having no idea what she will have to go through once she gets out of so called childhood. She was like a piece of blank paper which can’t be filled itself, which can’t erase the stain itself until and unless one of us lends her a helping hand. She was like an empty pot which can’t be filled until and unless anyone of us pours water on it and make it simply half fill or simply let the water overflow. An angel, who is being trained secretly to be a fighter, to be an independent soul, to be the key of all the locks, to be a mother and to be the strength of this tilted world.

That certain phase called ‘Childhood’ before teh uncertain one🦋

Likewise with passing hours, passing days, passing years , she turned eleven and there she asked her first question to her mother, “Maa, what is this?” Being uneasy her mother grabbed her hands and asked her not to touch her stuffs without her permission. So smartly she managed to let the question vanish from her mind and all it went off. Finally the auspicious day came. She was in her class, when she for the very first time felt the unknown uneasy pain in her abdomen, but she managed to let it go and stayed focused with her lesson. Soon the bell rang, she stood up from her bench when she felt wetness in her skirt, she thought of going to the bathroom and check what it was. She was about to leave her desk when the group of boys at the corner started laughing and making her fun for no reason just for the sake of their entertainment. No one knew what she was going through neither even she herself. She ran towards the washroom as fast as she could and found herself bleeding from her cervix. She was scared and went blanked out about what to do , she came out of the washroom, struggling to hide her stain and was struggling to walk with her ache. As soon as a teacher saw her in a state of dizziness she went to her and asked what was the matter. She with a little hesitation hiding her fear and feeling shy told nothing and just smiled. Soon the teacher’s eye caught her red stain , with her sweet tone she consoled her and uttered her not to worry as this was nothing to feel shy for. She informed her parents and for the first time she got her answer of the question she asked her mother that fine day as she was gifted with a pack of six pads for the period she was going through. She in a dilemma went home with her mother where she was introduced to so called new rituals. Was locked in a room of four walls with closed window, closed door , wasn’t allowed to loiter around, wasn’t allowed to see any man nor her father neither her brother, wasn’t allowed to feel the rays of the sun, wasn’t allowed to talk, and a lot more logical or illogical rituals behind. Well, the period of seven days where a girl’s body undergo several physical, emotional and behavioural changes. The period when a girl needs more mental support, more friendly beings, needs more fresh air , needs a bit more care, needs a bit knowledge about what actually it was, why it was and how it was. At such a period she was left alone locked in a room of four walls with more restrictions, no conversations, no mental support , nothing but just her own dilemma accompanying her the period of auspicious seven days during her first menarche.

Go through to get through🦋

Days passed, months passed, time was going towards a year following all those strict norms, facing veiled pain every month, bearing the treatment like an impure teenage. Every month passed with a fear of those scary seven days. As soon as the unwanted day merge closer as soon as the symptoms start showing their wild face with severe headche or severe back pain , with severe cramps or severe nausea , with severe dizziness or severe tiredness accompanying with mild or severe mood swings (depends upon your diet, your physical and mental health) sounds wierd right ! But that’s what every girl goes through between that certain period which actually feels too uncertain. She was too going through the same. No knowings about what it was in actual, just following those strict norms so called logical norms in sake of not being punished by the ‘Thee’.

There’s no pain that exist🦋
Your hygiene is your responsibility🦋
A magical bowl of your life🦋

“What is that red colour in your skirt didi”? asked her brother one unfortunate day. Being embarassed she ran to her room, felt frustrated and went to the bathroom to clean her body from the shakti of so-called ghost called ‘ Periods ’. Years passed and she was promoted to ninth standard and within a couple of months she came out through her darkness of her dilemma of that ghost called ‘Periods’. Obvious answer, she learned that the another name of this ghost is ‘Menstruation’ or ‘Menstrual Cycle’. She used to come every month and take the control of a female’s body in order not to make her impure but to let futile stuffs flow off from her body. Too much of contrast right !! The so called ghost wasn’t actually a ghost but an angel who comes every month to make her every daughter pure and stronger than she was a month before. She was clarified, though her dilemma wasn’t agreeing to leave her. Why does the society address a girl to be impure for the period of those magical seven days?? Why such strict norms?? Why should we hide from others?? Too much of dilemma once again.

She is pure enough to mould your impure thoughts 🦋

She got all her answers. Beside that, the uncertain stuff used to disturb her mind thinking why they aren’t taught about all these during their menarche. Why people just teach them the norms that they have to follow this and that and not the reasons behind?? They don’t say not to go to any temple as it will cause harm to her health but beside that the only term they use is ‘impure’. Why?? Girl’s nowadays stand against such discrimination, they keep themselves in trend by uploading related reels, videos, posts and so on, why don’t they try to understand why such norms, is there something logical, without knowing without asking themselves the question obviously there are logical reasons behind. There’s no fault of any of the girl, they are discriminating against certain norms, because they aren’t taught about it, it has become a tabboo in our discriminating society. Who are responsible?? Does anyone know?? They are the people like us, they are the people like you, they are the people like me. Why a tabboo?? It’s just our red blood, why so?? Why it’s an embarassing stuff?? Well, no one knows the answer to this question, because one can read and understand the logical facts , but one can never understand the illogical mindset of a human. She understood it well that it wasn’t ever a tabboo but was made kinda tabboo by people having same body structure, same organs but with much lower mindset.

A book of facts and knowledge🦋

Soon the world started unfolding for her. Merging from one direction to the other, turning the pages of books, scrolling the related content, at last she understood it was never a tabboo , to an utmost , but the one who made it a tabboo are the women themselves, the one who made it impure are the women themselves. As we all know everything has a hidden science behind same goes for it too. Our ancestors knew it well, she after going through the history and vedic science revealed herself that everything had a reason and that all the rituals were logical, but the one who made it illogical are the modern cultures actually not modern but western and Indian women pretending themselves to be western. They were locked in a room not because they were impure but becuase during this auspicious period of seven days the girl used to go through a lot more changes in her body so for the period of seven days they were asked to give rest to their body so that the changes undergo smoothly without any pain or dizziness. So in order to make it sacred and to give her body rest they were asked to separate themself for this period of auspicious seven days so that they won’t get any such orders regarding any household chores or any such stuffs which makes them restless. They were asked not to sit in chairs aur benches aur sofas or any other furnitures because with no option left they would lie on the ground or take their seat on the lap of the mother earth by which through the heat or the cold from the floor would regulate their body temperature which goes high at the initial day of its starting and also maintains the circulatory system. They weren’t left alone, girls during this auspicious period did meditations, read books which maintained their calmness and relaxed their pain. During early days, their were no pads no cotton cloth still most of them did not face such deadly disease like fungal infection, uterus cancer and so on which women of our modern era are going through. There’s a rate of 75% of Indian women having bad hygiene out of which periods is the main cause. Earlier during historic period women used to prepare their own pads with the hot ashes of fire from her kitchen . Yeah , am not faking, that’s true. They used to wrap the hot ashes in a piece of cloth and used it as blood soaking garment and pain relieving hot water bag. Sounds interesting right, far better than those mere whisper choice, stayfree or so on. They were not allowed to go to temples not because they were impure but because during this period entering the surrounding of temple can cause serious ailment to a woman’s health. Many of my friends may not know the fact behind constructing temples towards the direction of magnetic field which creates a sensation of positive energy throughout our body when we enter the surrounding of any temple. But such magnetic fields are harmful for a woman during this auspicious period because a woman’s body undergoes physical changes and removes the impure blood in the form of bleeding from her vagina. During this period the rate of flow of blood throghtout her body is high at such period coming in contact with high magnetic field can cause serious ailments and that’s the reason behind such norms. Talking about why not to discuss with anyone, what’s the need to discuss?? Is there anything to discuss about a natural process?? Do we discuss why do sun rises from east or why do sun sets in the west?? No, right. That’s the reason behind every logical norms.

She is pure🦋 She is the scent🦋

We are in such an era where more than logical facts people are influenced by some sort of social media stuff and so on. Teenage girls nowadays can’t bear their periods pain, they need pain killer, some sort of dark chocolates to console themself and so on. Have you ever seen your mother crying with pain or trying some sort of home remedies to cure her pain?? What has caused this sudden change?? What is the reason behind increasing rate of uterus cancer, fungal infections, ovary tumour etc etc?? You can check the increasing rate of such deadful diseases anywhere but why not the preventive measures. It’s all you and your approach to deal with anything. It’s you , your body and those red stains are not to feel shame of but to embrace your changes and to respect your capabilities. Take care of yourself my girls you are the pillar , you are the future mother, you are a strong fighter. Be smart, be brave and be proud of yourself. TAKE CARE MY GIRLS!!

Be bold be brave. You are the pride. You are stronger than anyone. You are gorgeous the way you are 🦋

HEYAA!! Here’s your Ingenious Writer with her Ashiyaana sharing another blog with a hope to create awareness and to wish you a very good luck and to convey you to stay humble , stay calm and to stay strong. My writings may feel offended to someone or can be motivating at the same time or may make anyone of you confused , well, anything it may be , please don’t hesitate to suggest me , to point out my mistakes, also please leave a comment behind because your comments and complements matter a lot to me, it motivates me and inspires me more than today. So yeah, that’s all. Hope you all are having a great day!! TAKE CARE ! SPREAD LOVE !! SPREAD KNOWLEDGE !!



#‘She’in Her Dignified ‘Red’

शादी का पर्व

आज हमारी शादी है ।
हर एक रस्मे हमें संग निभानी हैं ।
सात जन्मों का हैं हमारा यह बंधन,
उन्ही सात कस्मो से एक दूसरे का साथ निभाना हैं ।
एक शुभ मुहूर्त आया हैं,
जो संग जिंदगी का सबसे बड़ा त्योहार लाया हैं ।
जुड़ेंगे हमारे दो दिल बनेंगे हम एक जान,
रिश्ते निभाएंगे बनके हम सबके शान।
शहनाई बजेगी, लगेगी हल्दी;
तुम्हारे सर पे सुनहेरा सेहरा,
मेरे हाथों में तुम्हारे नाम की मेंहदी खूब जचेगी ।
खिलेंगे फूल बागों में,
सूरज रोज की तरह चमकेगा,
जिंदगी का एक नया पन्ना साथ रंगो से भर जाएगा ।
सबके आशीर्वाद लेंगे, 
खुदसे एक वादा करेंगे,
हालत जैसे भी हो एक दूसरे का साथ मरते दम तक नहीं छोड़ेंगे ।
जिंदगी का सबसे बड़ा त्योहार आया हैं,
साथ अपने हर्ष की लहर लाया हैं।
रिश्तेदार ढेर आए हैं,
पहचाना नहीं जिन्हे , वे भी रिश्तेदार हैं हमारे,
ऐसा जानने को आया हैं ।
यह साल में एक बार आने वाला त्योहार नहीं,
लेकिन खुशियां ढेर संग अपने बटोर लाया हैं ।
जिंदगी का सबसे बड़ा त्योहार जो आया हैं,
मन को मोह दे जो वह उपहार संग लाया हैं ।
जिंदगी का एक नया पहलू आज यही से साथ शुरू होता हैं।।



#शादी का पर्व

Tale Of A 16th Year Old Mother

“She chased, she faced . They faced it together, they made it for their pie , they made it for their family, they named her their ‘Khushi’ . Here’s how they made it!!”

A girl from 90s, was at her vulnerable age. Delightful nature, plump figure, long shiny hair, brave innocent girl of her mother and pie of her father’s eye. Away from all the nuisance of that contemporary world, there somewhere someone was in wait to be in the frame of her entire journey. At such an age when it was all about pranks, playing with friends and never-ending gossips, their hearts met each other just prior to one day. In the month of august, when new flowers used to cling over the branches, when there used to be greenary all around, when that sweet frangnance of nature used to enlighten our day , there was another story that was been prepared for us to inspire.

In the morning of 14th August, their eyes met each other in such a manner that it made their story insanely inspirable. There was that grace in every children’s heart for the next morning parade, they were all in practice sessions, while there was something miraculous happening far way from their imagination. She didn’t know when she fell for him, they had no conversation till the morning of 15th August, it was all about that first sight, their eyes got caught, had no conversations but had a deep attraction.

Togetherness 📍

There came the day , 15th August, where everyone was excited for the parade. That Independence Day made a remark to her life. She was at her position, they started their march past , but her feet were running faster than others, her hand was in his hand and they ran far away from their own territory and that’s how she first became a wife from a notorious girl. Insane, but that’s true. She was merely lucky that the guy was genuine and honest too. Today we fear to trust that single person in our life who stand with us at every uncertain situations but then ‘she’ not only trusted him but gave the key of her life to a person whom she met just prior to one day .Humorously, we can say they got their independence in the year 2003.

She beared within for the upcoming happiness📍

Then comes all those harsh journeys she came through and became a mother. They were kicked out of his house just coz she was from a minor state . Thay went back to her home , luckily they accepted them with all their heart. Her family tried hard to console his dad but they failed several times. A couple with no penny in their pocket , no job , no future plan managed to handle it with all care. She got pregnant at the age of 15, mere a wow factor for her family, had grace to another level for the first child in her family, but the couple was not in harmony one can easily understand why. No job, no money, empty pocket, how will they nurture the child? But as it is said where there’s a family , there nothing seems impossible. He got into a job where he used to earn Rs.1200 per month that used to be a blessing for him because being a man he was atleast able to help his in-laws every month with that sort of money.

Was time to filled the gap📍and to create togetherness again 📍

She delivered a girl child at seventh month of her pregnancy. Full of complications, being an underage woman, delivering a child at seventh month of pregnancy is like playing with a sharp blade. It Was predicted if the child by fortune was born alive still the child won’t be living for more than five years or if again fortunately the child overcomes all the barriers still he/she will have to live all his/her life under disabilities and with abnormalities. Hearing this everyone broke out into tears. She gave birth to 1.5 kg weighing girl child, with less breathe, covered with mucus and resembling her mother. The day was gone and the child started crying for milk. Likewise after the fifth day , the girl child stopped breathing, with dry lips, suffering from jaundice, shivering all night. Her mother was fully broken , everyone was in sorrow and fear. They travelled back to his house with her family but again they weren’t accepted again. They admitted the girl child into a hospital and she went to her sister-in-law’s house, where they got shelter and continued her treatment and were treated as a family member and were accepted by all their heart.. She was unable to even take a look at her child, was unable to speak, was unable to cry, was unable to laugh but was able to control her emotions just for her family. She broke when she found that she couldn’t provide her child with her milk. She broke several times. But being a mother she kept fighting. She kept fighting for months and more. After being dicharged, she and her child went back to her home , while he stayed here with his father and worked day and night just for his family to nurture that abnormal girl who was his pie of eye. After 1 year she left her child with her parents and came back with her husband and both struggled together for their child. They fought with all their strength, they fought against racial look, they fought against caste discrimination , they fought against their fear of being kicked out from the society, they fought against their emotions, just for a better life for their child.

They chased, they faced and they made it for me 📍

Far away from them was the reason why they were struggling , staying away from their child, they overcame all the hurdles and finally that abnormal girl turned to be the ‘Khushi’ of their family. She is not an abnormal, she has no disabilities, she is the one writing her parents’ story and narrating it to you.


#tale of a 16th year old mother



Writing: A Medium to express.

“ Pen down your thoughts, pen down your anonymous personality, you are different , you are precious in your own way, just believe the process”.

This blog is all about how I started my writing journey and what were those so called hurdles on the way of a fifteen or I guess sixteen years old teenge girl, whatever it may be , that actually doesn’t matters, so let’s continue with the blog. First of all I have no idea about how to write a blog or how to create something catchy, but yeah I am here in front of you people sharing my writings and if my brain and my heart syncs well all the time I will surely pen down all my wierd and superficial thoughts .

I first copied a quote from my mumma’s diary which quoted, “Knowledge is the key of success”, to be honest that time I really had no idea what was the reason behind writing this line in a piece of paper and showing off a bit in front my friends as if I had done something super commendable. That was the first and the last quote I copied from my mumma’s diary, after that when I reached seventh standard , okay!! yeah that was at the age of seven or eight when I wrote something which was completely out of my box and showed off a lot, so when I reached seventh standard, from there onwards my curiosity towards writing increased and as it is said a person writes when he/she feels low or when he/she can’t find anyone to convey their emotions, so something relating was in my favour I must say just because of why I was able to discover something new in myself. So from here onwards , those little appreciations from my friends, seniors, my teachers and my parent’s helped me or one cay say motivated me a lot to keep going and because of why I am somewhere at the midway, yet to travel far , a pen and a paper is sufficient for me to cherish every single moment and to aspire for what I desire.

One can choose his or her way to the destiny, but one can never choose his or her own destiny because it’s all about our fortune . I was one of those who never believed in fortune or any those unlike stuffs that felt a nuisance to me, but after a year I encountered such incidents overcame such situations that made me realise that there’s someone called ‘the almighty’ who have already send us with a prospective and with an unknown destiny, one can never go against him or can choose something that doesn’t fits him or her. I won’t say it’s only the ,fortune but also our own dedication and hardwork after realising where our true destiny lies and cherishing everything you do to grab your destiny and finally achieving it. And after that incident I realised something that’s called your fashion is quite different from what you will choose as your passion , my journey to writing is something like the film ‘Journey Bombay to Goa’ where I purchased my ticket to the destiny where I was known but I reached somewhere else where there was mere happiness, satisfaction and that urge inside me to go on , to face all that hurdles and to feel that pride whenever one gets connect to my words and my writings. You may think what kind of hurdles it may be or what was the incident may be, I will surely make you aware about all those hurdles I faced and also those appreciations that moulded me to ‘Ingenious Writer’.

To be continued………..




Golden Days.

“Days once gone will never return, moments will turn to memories, will find somewhere under the trash bin or somewhere burried under the core of four chambers ”.

Golden School Days✨

Never remembered the dates,

But unforgettable are the memories.

That old classroom smell,

That shrill noise of alloy bells.

Heavy bags on our shoulders,

Felt like thousand boulders.

Starting the day from morning assembly,

Those drum beats and clappings felt like glee.

Here comes the tiffin break,

There used to be thirty hands on the track.

Where exam days felt like monsters,

There school functions were the best answers.

Praises felt like blessings,

Disgrace resulted in teasing.

A phase of life,

Once gone will never return.

Knowledge you gain,

Will relieve you from every pain.

Cried the first day I entered.

Once the journey began, at last came to an end.

Tears rolled down,

Nothing new was found.

Cried the first day, also cried the last day.

Those were the golden days,

We still praise.

There’s nothing for us to feel disgrace of,

That was the base, this is mere a tough phase.

What we need to do,

Is just to chase and to face.




Words of a Teenage Girl.

“Silence doesn’t resembles weakness, it’s even more deeper than you can ever imagine”.

 “I am a girl child, I am a woman and I’m proud of it. I am not weak and I had never asked for anyone’s support. I am sensible and I am emotional but I had never asked anyone to wipe my tears. I am scared of many things but I always have to act as if I have fear of nothing. The only fear that always used to haunt me is the fear of being raped, fear of being harassed, fear of being cheated and fear of attempting suicide. I am not weak and I’m not coward too, I have the courage to raise my voice and I will raise my voice but this fucking world is full of morons, where there is no value of the words of a woman like me. No one will ever come to know where the voice of a woman will be dumped in this fucking world by those fucking morons.”